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Festivals and Tournaments Formats Update

Clarification on festival formatting

With summer festivals around the corner and with clarification from The FA we would like to make all clubs in Devon aware of the formats that will be affiliated for this all festivals:

Under 7 – Up to 5 v 5
Under 8 – Up to 7 v 7
Under 9 – Up to 7 v 7
Under 10 – Up to 9 v 9
Under 11 – Up to 9 v 9
Under 12 – Up to 11 v 11

The increase in formats for summer festivals ONLY at Under 8, Under 10 and Under 12 will give all teams in Devon the opportunity to use these events as a transitional festivals and support the development of your players for the 2019/20 season. 

Please note that any festival is found to be playing outside of these formats will be charged, along with any teams participating in the festival.

If you have any questions please contact chris.french@devonfa.com

If you are looking to either affiliate your competition or see a list of affiliated summer festivals in Devon please click here.