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Rules and Regulations

Discipline in Devon

This page covers disciplinary procedures as well as Rules & Regulations

Discipline is now administered via the Whole Game System and you can find a step by step guide on discipline administration below!

 wgs Step by Step guide 

For new secretaries or individuals with little to no discipline experience, we have created a summarized discipline document that should help to get you started and answer some generic queries.

Introduction to discipline


Referee Registrations

Red Card Appeals

In the case of a claim of wrongful dismissal for offences with a penalty imposed under the Laws of the Game of an immediate dismissal (excluding Law S6, the use of offensive or insulting or abusive language/gestures or S7, receiving a second caution in a game), evidence upon which the claim is founded, which must include a video cassette recording/DVD showing the incident, if one is available, must be submitted by the Player concerned and his Club, together with the relevant fee and MUST be received by the County Association by the close of business of the fourth working day following the match. An indication by e-mail ( on the second working day following the game is required to alert the disciplinary department of the County Association that a claim is to be submitted.

Sine Die Suspensions

A player is placed under Sine Die suspension when they owe money to either Devon FA, to a League or Club that has used the Debt Recovery Scheme.

Before signing a player it is essential that you check to ensure that they are not under any form of suspension. A player under Sine Die suspension is prevented from taking part in any form of football activity.

Any player under Sine Die suspension can have their suspension lifted immediately on payment of the outstanding debt.

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Misconduct & Personal Hearings

If your club or an individual from your club receives a misconduct charge, you will receive a notification via the Whole Game System (Or a letter in the post in your club is not set up for online administration).

You will be required to respond to this charge and submit any correspondence or evidence you wish to be considered within 14 days of the charge being raised.

All available documentation and evidence will then be presented at a discipline commission where a verdict on the case will be made and if necessary a sanction will be implemented in line with FA sanction guidelines.

Should you wish to discuss your charge or ask for any advice on the best way to proceed for your particular charge, please contact the discipline department on - 01626 325911 or email

When responding to a misconduct charge you can either have the case dealt with in absence via correspondence or request a personal hearing where the individual or club charged are able to attend a hearing (£35.00 hearing fee).

Personal Hearing Documents below;

Guide to personal hearings - Club Players

 Guide to personal hearings - County Witnesses

Guide to personal hearings - Match Official

FA Pitch & Goalmouth Dimensions

We often receive questions about the pitch and goalpost sizes recommended for specific age groups in football. Download the handy FA guide below for information on the following formats:

- Mini Soccer (5v5 & 7v7)
- 9v9 Football
- Youth Football
- Adult Football
- Football Pyramid (Steps 1-7)

pitch, goals, ball sizes guide
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