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As a parent, you may often feel like you are under appreciated or not as involved in your son or daughter's football as you would like to be.

We understand that a parent plays just as important a role as anyone in football. After all, how would the majority of players even get to football sessions without their parents?!

Parents can play a number of roles. Whether this be solely as a spectator for the support of your children, or on many occasions as the team manager or coach. Whatever your role, there are sections to this website which will be for you.



Some volunteering opportunities require certain skills such as coaching which may require qualifications but clubs, local authorities and community sport hubs often provide training or will support you to find the right training.

Often sport organisations are looking for personal skills, such as being able to get on with a wide variety of people, being reliable and being enthusiastic about the club you’re involved in.

Reasons to Volunteer

Volunteers are the backbone of grassroots football. Without volunteers' dedication and commitment demonstrated each and every week, clubs and leagues would simply not exist.

A football club or league is about far more than just the players. 

Devon FA recognises the importance of volunteers in running and developing football at every level. We are committed to supporting all of our volunteers and through our Football Workforce programme we:

•Support and develop existing volunteers 

•Recruit more volunteers into football 

•Recognise and reward volunteers

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