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We offer a comprehensive In-service training programme to all the existing referees in Devon from our Senior Referees to those at level 8 and 9. 2021 events will be released shortly.

The CPD calendar for 2021/22 has now finished. If you are yet to complete your CPD then please complete the online module, details of which are below. 

In recognition to those referees who cannot attend one of the CPD sessions and how have not attended one yet this season, I have created an online module that referees can complete to ensure they meet the mandatory CPD requirements prior to registration for the 2021/22 season.

Mandatory CPD requirements are not applicable to referees who have completed their FA Referee Course in the current season or those at Level 4, 3, 2b, 2a or 1.

in service referee training

Referee Development

Observers play an important and integral role in developing the modern day referee. They are the guardians of standards and provide a quality service towards referee promotion, development and retention. First and foremost, the Observers role is to help referees to improve and become better referees.

Devon FA are very proud of the quality and the work carried out by the observers in the county.

All observers attend an annual CPD event to ensure that they are up to speed with the demands of the modern game and we will shortly be introducing a Quality Assurance process to further maintain the high standards of observation reports.


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