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The Senior Levels

People progressing to more senior levels of the game are often ‘taken under the wing’ of someone who is officiating, or who has officiated, at higher rungs on the ‘refereeing ladder’ to provide such assistance.

Newly-qualified referees invariably find the mentoring scheme particularly helpful. Every registered Devon referee registered, however, is welcome to benefit you should contact us if you would like a Mentor appointed to help you.


Being in charge of twenty-two players can be a difficult task at the best of times for just a single person. Then you have to take into account substitutes, club officials and sometimes even supporters.

They all add their own pressures to the game.

When you’re that lonely single person, the referee, there’s nothing wrong in asking for a little support and guidance in the form of a Referee Mentor to help you through your development as a match official.

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