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Festivals and Tournaments

2020 Statement 

With the Devon FA, football provision never stops. There is always some football happening somewhere in the County.

This page is dedicated to the many Festivals & Tournaments being run within the county. Whether it is being run by a club, league, school or by us here at the Devon FA, as long as it is affiliated to us, we will be able to advertise it on this page.

Whether you are a Youth, Adult, Male, Female or Disability player and you are looking to play in a Festival or Tournament this is the place to find all the information you need.

We understand clubs are planning for their annual summer festivals and tournaments and we want to ensure we support you with these and get them affiliated for this season.  As part of this process and to ensure our clubs are able to run these events we are requesting all clubs to contact their Local Authority to gain permission to run a large scale event. These events must follow the latest Government and FA Guidance but due to the nature of these events and the large number of people attending these it must have permission from the Local Authority.

Every Local Authority has a Covid Officer who has the power on halting events should they be deemed a risk so working with this officer prior to event is vital to enable your event to take place safely.  If you have any issue contacting the Local Authority please contact

When your club is ready to affiliate please submit the affiliation form, full risk assessment and evidence from the Local Authority to

To ensure your tournament is affiliated simply click to download the form below:



If you are planning on hosting a One Day Festival or Tournament you can affiliate it by completing the attached form below. If you have any questions regarding affiliation of a One Day Tournament please email

(PLEASE NOTE: We can only advertise tournaments that are affiliated)

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