Sports Goggles

Ensure you're safe and safe to others when playing Football, if you have a visual impairment all players need to wear specialist eyewear or contact lenses. Please find below some guidance on Sports Goggles or Sports Glasses when participating in Football training or matches:

  • Children and adults that wear glasses for everyday activities, need to wear specialised safety eyewear (Sport Goggles or Sports Glasses) during Football practice or matches
  • A referee can stop a player from playing if he/she is wearing glasses, within the laws of the game. This is inclusive of all age groups in Football
  • This is for the safety of the player and other participants
  • Sports Goggles are the recommend sports safety eyewear but Sports Glasses are available also

Information on Sports Goggles

Eyekit provide Sports Goggles and you can submit your choice of eyewear and prescription on the website. Eyekit support with prescription sports goggles and have a different range of choices.

For further information, visit their website here.

Specsavers – Sports Glasses

Specsavers do offer a discount scheme but this does tend to vary from store to store. Please enquire with your local Specsaver branch and if they offer the “Golden Ticket” voucher please contact Devon FA for this voucher to receive discount. We’re aware that Teignmouth, Newton Abbot, Brixham and Tavistock branches offer this scheme. Devon FA Contact:

Ashley Harris (Devon FA Football Development Officer – Inclusion)

Email address: ashley.harris@devonfa.com

Phone: 01626 323560

Funding towards Sports Goggles or Sports Glasses

The Adam Stansfield Foundation can support with funding towards sports equipment (including sports safety eyewear) but this is on an individual case by case basis for family’s on benefits or family credit. For further information, please visit the website here - (this is available for children 16 years and below).

League Support

If your child is playing in the Pioneer Youth League, you can receive £50 off from any purchase for Sports Goggles or Glasses. For more information on this, please follow the below website link here.