Walking football is a popular, and growing, format of the game

Walking Football

Same game, new pace

perfect time to be a slow coach

Walking Football is a new and developing form of the beautiful game for all ages. It's able to challenge participants while providing the physical and mental benefits of exercise. Fundamentally, it is just your regular kick-about with one key rule; running is a foul.

By removing running and jogging, the speed of thinking and passing is not slowed but, the impact of movement on joints and muscles is reduced. This reduces the chance of injury while playing.

Walking football is perfect:

- If you enjoy a challenge
- If you want to improve fitness
- If you hung your boots up years ago but miss playing
- If you have suffered injury and have been told by your doctor or physio to start becoming active again
- If you have never played football before and want to learn
- If you want to get your old team mates to get back together
- If you are looking to lose some weight
- If you enjoy a good laugh

Sessions are open to ALL Ages 50+ with no membership required... just turn up and play as you go! You can come on your own or with friends or a team.

Devon County Walking Football League

Sponsored by: Taking Care


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