Affiliation Preparation for 2023-24 Season

We are asking all clubs to start to prepare for the affiliation window opening in June

We are asking all clubs to make preparations for the affiliation window for the 2023-24 season, which opens in June.

Clubs will need to ensure that:

  • That their club officials qualifications are up to date
  • Ensure their club grounds and training grounds are up to date
  • Tidy up any teams within the club who have folded
  • Ensure individuals who require an FA DBS' have a valid FA DBS' check
  • Ensure any officials / managers working with U18's have completed the Safeguarding Children Course - which can be accessed here
  • If you have already completed the Safeguarding Children Course, but your qualification has expired, you can take the recertification course for free here

The affiliation process for the new season will be changing, with the process being streamlined by the FA. We will be releasing more information on this shortly, as well as delivering training to clubs and leagues to ensure they are completely comfortable with the process.

We will also be delivering online drop-in training sessions for clubs and leagues.

For more information on affiliations, please email - affiliations@devonfa.com

For any safeguarding information, please email - safeguarding@devonfa.com

For any queries regarding changing your club / teams grounds, please email - facilities@devonfa.com

Please use the below document to see how clubs and teams can prepare for the new season, by looking at the affiliation requirements.