South Devon League Become Accredited

A big well done to the South Devon Football League, who are now England Football Accredited.

The South Devon Football League have just achieved England Football Accreditation status!

England Football Accredited is for all non-professional leagues and clubs. It helps them create the experiences and environments where players, coaches and volunteers can thrive. Accredited clubs are more sustainable, more resilient and built to last. All accredited clubs offer a consistent standard on and off the pitch. Stars are used in accreditation to recognise clubs that provide more opportunities for more people to play.

Clubs and leagues can apply to be Accredited through the dashboard section of the club/league Portal. There are a number of on-pitch (e.g. coaching qualifications) and off-pitch (e.g. club policies and plans) criteria that clubs need to meet before they can apply. Within the dashboard, you will be able to see your progress against each of these criteria, and any actions that need to be completed.

Club will also receive a rewards package such as Nike footballs when you become Accredited. Clubs who Stay Accredited will receive footballs and vouchers each season after renewal has been completed. The vouchers can be used towards new kit and equipment through our Accredited Kit Store. You will be able to access other opportunities such as the Club Programme, Club House and be prioritised for other investments.

Alastair Muirden, Secretary of the South Devon League, said:

"For the SDFL to achieve this standard of accreditation is not just down to the Management committee who have driven this project over the past 3 years, it is through the hard work and determination of the volunteers at the majority of our  51 teams that have so far reached this  standard at their own club that hopefully will attract young men to play adult football in safe and inclusive environment.

There are many benefits that come with being an accredited team in an accredited league such as new funding opportunities for facilities improvement, so whether your team plays on a council pitch or a private ground additional financial benefits are available.

As an accredited league we are supported by Devon FA to achieve high levels of safeguarding, equality and diversity and of course we already have an excellent respect program to support our referees.

Whilst the league have achieved England football accreditation this really is just the beginning of a new era for the SDFL in its 120 year history.

The immediate task is to assist the few teams not yet accredited to recognise the benefits  and improve the playing environment at their own clubs".