Devon FA Set Up Youth Hubs for Youth Leagues

We are looking for U18's who play in a Youth League in Devon, to join our Youth Hubs!

Devon FA want to involve more youth players, youth referees and youth coaches in developing and improving youth football in the County and the leagues they are involved in.

We are setting up youth hubs in our six youth leagues across the County, and want individuals who feel that they can contribute and make a difference to be part of it. 

We want to know what is good about youth football in your league, but also steps to improve it and ideas on how this can be done.

Meetings will take place three times a season, with the first one taking place in January at a local club in each league.  Members of the Youth Hubs who attend all 3 meetings will get a Nike Youth Hub T-Shirt and will be invited back to join the hub for the 2023/2024 season.

Please see each league's individual poster find out how to apply.


youth hub posters