FA Partner With Sporting Chance To Support Discrimination Victims

The FA have obtained specialist support for all victims of discrimination.

The Football Association (FA) believes that acts of discrimination are offensive, abusive and harm the dignity of the individuals that are subjected to them. Discrimination can affect an individual’s mental health, sense of well-being, and harm others around them.

In recognition of the potential impact on individuals who receive discriminatory abuse, the FA partner with Sporting Chance to make support available to football Participants who are alleged victims in an investigation relating to experiencing discrimination or discriminatory abuse (directly or through online platforms).

This FA funded provision is specifically for alleged victims of discriminatory abuse in a case that is under investigation, and is specifically for Participants who are not Professional Footballers Association or League Managers Association members, given that members of these organisations already have access to alternative routes of mental health and wellbeing support.

This offering, which will be delivered by Sporting Chance, offers mental health and emotional well-being services. Sporting Chance operate through a national network of therapists, counsellors, and psychiatrists. 

Sporting Chance ( www.sportingchanceclinic.com ) now offer free support to victims of discrimination from the point where the allegation is made.