Dave Keast - Long Service Award

A huge congratulations to former Devon FA employee, Dave Keast for his long service award

A huge congratulations to Dave Keast, who received a long service award for his services to football in Devon. 

Below is a write-up on Dave's footballing journey:

Dave started his football career in 1957 with the Boy’s Brigade who played in their own Brigade League.

From 1962 to 1989 he played senior football in the Devon Wednesday , P&D, Plymouth Combination, and West Devon Sunday Leagues.

In 1962 Created the Plymouth City Transport Saturday team for the Plymouth Combination League, and in 1965 Helped create the Plymouth Methodist team for the Plymouth & District League, and was involved in all capacities, player, player/manager, secretary and treasurer

During this period, he also played for the Plymouth & District League & Devon Wednesday League Representative teams, and was proud that I was never cautioned during his playing career.

Starting in 1983 Dave started his long association with the Devon Junior & Minor League when he became a Team secretary/manager.  

He took on the role of Assistant Treasurer for Devon Junior & Minor League 1986 – 1988, and then Assistant Secretary for Devon Junior & Minor League 1987 – 1991.

From 1987 to 1993 DJM West Area Representative to Devon FA. 1991 – 2000 General Secretary for Devon Junior & Minor League. From here there are a long list of roles that Dave has play in youth football;

1993 – 2000 Devon County FA West Area Representative

1994 – 2000 Devon FA Instructional (Coaching & Medical) Committee

1995  - 2000 Devon FA Committee Chairman for Instructional Committee

1995 – 1996 Devon FA Disciplinary Committee

1996 – 1998 Devon FA Youth Committee

1998 – 2000 Devon FA Committee Chairman of Youth Committee

1998 – 2000 Football Association Mini-Soccer Co-ordinator for Devon FA

1998 – 2000 West Area Soccer Development Scheme Chairman/Secretary

2000 – 2016 Devon FA Football Development Officer/Welfare Officer

2002 – 2013 Vice Chairman for Devon Junior & Minor League.

And finally, from 2012 to present time he is the League Welfare Officer for the Devon Junior & Minor League and from 2013 to present time he is the Chairman and Welfare Officer for Devon Junior & Minor League, and still enjoying youth football.