Player Membership Scheme 2020-21

Details on the Devon FA Player Membership Scheme for the 2020-21 season

Now we have a confirmed return of football we can confirm that the Devon FA Player Membership Scheme is continuing for the 20/21 season.

However, we are conscious that clubs and leagues in Devon are already well underway with their Player Registrations and so there are a couple of changes to the scheme for this season.

How do we register players for the Devon FA Player Membership Scheme for 20/21?

  • All players who were members of the club ‘Devon FA Member 19/20’ have been automatically entered into the club ‘Devon FA Member’ for the start of the 20/21 season. This is to enable players to be registered with leagues without any additional work or burden on the clubs or leagues.
  • Any new players, those who were not members of the Devon FA Player Membership Scheme last season can be added by clubs sending their FAN numbers to info@devonfa.com
  • The fee of £3 is still required but this will be collected later.

How will the £3 be collected?

  • From the 1st September onwards, membership renewal will be available through the Devon FA App which is free to download. Players can download the app, renew for the 20/21 season and pay the £3 directly through the app.

What if the players do not pay via the app?

  • From the 1st November onwards, clubs will be sent an invoice for the balance of players attached to the club who have not yet renewed via the app. Devon FA will automatically count the number of players attached to your club, disregard those who have renewed and then send you an invoice for the remainder. The invoice will need to be paid before the 31st December 2020.

Am I able to bulk purchase memberships for my players as I did last season?

  • Yes and no! If you want to do this, then tell your players not to renew on the app and the invoice will be automatically generated meaning you don’t even have to ask now, so that’s even less to do!

But will I be invoiced for players who don’t play for me?

  • If the player is attached to your club on the Whole Game System you will then be charged for them. You can detach any players who aren’t registered by completing the following steps;
    • Open your club tab on the Whole Game System.
    • Go to Player Registrations from the lefty hand side.
    • Find the player you wish to detach.
    • Tick the box next to the players name and then select the option detach from club.
  • It is important that your Whole Game Account is accurate to avoid you being charged for players you don’t have anymore.

Where can players find the app?

  • The app is available on both Android and Apple platforms and can be found by searching for ‘Devon FA Membership Portal’.
  • The app is free to download and is accessed by using your FAN and date of birth

Why should we use the app?

The app is a great way for players to keep in touch with what’s happening at Devon FA directly from their mobile phone.

  • There are also savings, special offers, competitions, prizes and exclusive video content via the app and best of all its FREE! 
  • Only members of the Devon FA Player Membership Scheme will have full access to the app so it is really worth having on your mobile device.

I am having trouble with accessing the app, who can I contact?

  • Please contact the designated Devon FA staff member that is looking after the Player Membership Scheme, they can be contacted on 01626 332077 or via email at info@devonfa.com