Stay at Home With FA Superkicks

Parents can entertain their kids with the FA Superkicks App!

Launched in partnership with McDonald’s, the free app is helping to increase fun and learning for five-to-eight-year-olds, offering hundreds of skills, drills and games for young football lovers of all levels.

FA SuperKicks helps children and parents to discover a world of football, no matter what their ability. With hundreds of activities ranging from skills and drills to active challenges, quizzes and creative tasks, it focuses on rewarding play and learning to encourage participation. 

With challenges, quizzes and creative tasks, it focuses on rewarding play and learning to encourage participation. There’s currently a new activity on Twitter everyday at 2pm! 

The challenges have been created by FA coaches and established upon The England DNA foundation phase. Each activity has an interactive video guide, with the star of the app called ‘Kicker’- a football shaped character acting as the child’s coach and mentor, providing encouragement throughout the challenges.

To encourage continual development in a fun environment, children’s participation will be recorded and rewarded with animated badges, plus achievements unlock customisable features and earn ‘Super Points’ for attempting selected challenges.

Last year, The FA visited three SuperKicks fans, Olivia, Nawal and Mimi, who shared their stories on how the app has helped to supercharge their football fun this yearb

Olivia already enjoyed playing football on her own and with friends. Now she is loving taking her skills to another level, joining her local team and using the FA SuperKicks app to work on new training exercises in the park and garden.

For Nawal, the fun entry to football means he has finally gained the confidence to play with his friends, rather than just watching them. Using the FA SuperKicks app, he has built up his confidence by initially taking on the beginner challenges and moving up when he’s ready. Now he LOVES getting outside and playing football!

For Mimi, it’s a different story. She’s been inspired both to get outside and play, but also to get creative indoors thanks to some of the fun games and challenges such as kit design, and drawing Wembley Stadium!

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