Safety Eyewear for Football

Read our guidance on Sports Goggles

As the Football season has begun, please find below some guidance on Sports Goggles or Sports Glasses when participating in Football training or matches:

  • Children and adults that wear glasses for everyday activities, need to wear specialised safety eyewear (Sport Goggles or Sports Glasses) during Football practice or matches
  • A referee can stop a player from playing if he/she is wearing glasses, within the laws of the game. This is inclusive of all age groups in Football
  • This is for the safety of the player and other participants
  • Sports Goggles are the recommend sports safety eyewear but Sports Glasses are available also.

If you would like information on Sports Goggles & Sports Glasses, including a discount scheme for Sports Glasses from Specsavers, please contact Ashley Harris:

Email: ashley.harris@devonfa.com

Phone: 01626 323560