Get To Know - West Area Council Members

Do you know your Council Members in the West Area of the County?

Get to know your Council Members in the West Area of the County!

Council Members do a great job across the length and breadth of Devon in helping clubs and leagues with their day-to-day football problems.

A lot of people do not realise these Council Members exist, and we want you to know that you can go to these people for any queries or questions you may have regarding football in Devon. They have a wealth of experience and expertise and many have been involved in the game for most of their lives.

The West of Devon has 6 Area Representatives:

Steve Beale

Member Since - 2012
Contact Telephone - 07888 998937
Email Address - steve.beale154@hotmail.com



Neil Jones

Member Since - 2004
Contact Telephone - 07720 886166
Email Address - neilref.jones@yahoo.co.uk



Anita Beale

Member Since - 2013
Contact Telephone - 07861 235898
Email Address - anita-beale@hotmail.co.uk



Chris Rea

Member Since - 2015
Contact Telephone - 07738 433731
Email Address - chrisrea2105@yahoo.co.uk



Genny Turner

Member Since - 2017
Contact Telephone - 07786 571308
Email Address - gennyt@sky.com