Devon FA Player Membership App - Development

We'd like to thank AGMTEK and CSP *UK* Ltd for their hard work in developing our app

Devon FA would like to thank CSP UK ltd and AGMTEK for their continuous hard work in developing the Devon FA Player Membership App. The app is available to all players in Devon who have a current Player Membership, and this figure currently stands at 24,000.

CSP UK have been providing communication tools for Junior & Youth leagues across the UK for over 10 years. These tools have been funded by private sponsorship from local companies which has also provided sustainable residual income streams for those leagues with no costs whatsoever.

In 2014 CSP UK joined forces with AGMTEK as their bespoke IT provider and launched the first CSP UK PITCH FINDER mobile web site.

In 2015 this concept was further developed into the PITCH FINDER APP which became available on iOS and Android devices as a free to download and use application.

In 2018, we approached CSP UK to develop a bespoke “Membership Portal” app for us.

Over the course of the last twelve months CSP UK in partnership with AGMTEK have developed this app at no cost to the County FA and both Rob and Mark have been fantastic assisting with developing the app in the first place, to then getting it up and running whilst adding new interactive features which include quizzes, predictors and competitions, as well as offers and discounts which players can use across Devon to save themselves money.

We continue to work with CSP and AGMTEK to further develop and improve this new platform.