County Cup Full Time Site

A gentle reminder for clubs participating in County Cup competitions when filling in their team sheet on Full-Time

Please be reminded that the SMS Full-Time score that is sent on the day of a match needs to be 100% accurate, this is where we gain the next round entrants for our cup draws.

If you have any doubt please refer the score to your club secretary to submit or email the score to the Cup Secretary:

Adult Cups Secretary - Mark Buley - mark.buley@devonfa.com

Youth Cups Secretary - Abigail Heal - abigail.heal@devonfa.com

Previously, we have had teams enter scores incorrectly, and as a result of this, the wrong team has gone into the draw for the next round of the competition.

You may see notifications coming from Full-Time that differ to the draws. 

A reminder that team sheets need to be completed within 4 days of the match, as per County Cup rule. If this is not completed within the given time frame your club may receive a fine.

Devon County Cup Full-Time is a separate log-in to your League Full-Time, and you will have a different log-in for both sites. If you are unsure of your County Cup Full-Time login, please contact the Cup Secretary.