Membership App Update and New Features

Read about the Devon FA Membership App's new exciting features

We are excited to announce that our Devon FA Membership app has had its first update! The new update for our Devon FA app went live yesterday with two brand new features as well as improvements on some of the existing features.

One of the updates sees the introduction of our brand new ‘Prediction League’. Each week we will select 4 different fixtures which you have to predict, you will earn a different amount of points depending on how close your prediction was for each game and you will be placed on a leader board.

This month’s prize is a brand new copy of FIFA 20 on a console of your choice. So make sure you log into the app and get your weekly predictions in for a chance to win some prizes!

In addition to this, we have also introduced a ‘Quiz Zone’. This part of the app is where you will be able to find lots of different football quizzes and questions. The ‘Question of the Day’ will pop up on your home screen every day and will offer you the chance to test your football knowledge.

These are two fantastic additions to the app and we will continue to improve and enhance the app throughout the season to make it as effect and as appealing as possible to its users. Don’t forget to use the discount codes and to keep visiting the app for all the latest Devon FA news.