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The FA Matchday App - Coming Soon

Ahead of the 2018/19 season, The FA has devised a brilliant app which will effectively change the way you organise your affiliated football.

Matchday is a new mobile app launching in July 2018 (ahead of your new season) and it will be available on iOS (Apple) and Android devices.

What do you need to be Matchday ready?

You need to play affiliated football
You need to play in a league where player registration has happened in Whole Game System (WGS)
Your league needs to be using Full-Time
If you run a team as a manager, coach or assistant coach you need to have an role in Whole Game System (i.e. team manager / coach / assistant coach or assistant team manager).

Your club will need to set this up for you.

The new app is designed to take the hassle out of organising grassroots affiliated football – saving you time and making football more enjoyable and rewarding.

To view all the relevant information and to see a 2 minute clip please click the link below:

the fa matchday app