southwest restructure

South West Football Restructure Begins

Talks have begun to restructure southwest football.

Talks have begun to restructure southwest football.

Following on from a very productive meeting with the Devon and Cornwall Football Associations, the South West Peninsula and Devon and Exeter Leagues the Football Association have issued this press release.

A proposal was tabled which would structure football in the South West from season 2019/20. The region would have two Step 6 and three Step 7 leagues covering Devon, Cornwall and parts of Dorset and Somerset. At their meeting on Tuesday 6 February the FA Leagues Committee agreed the outline of the plan.

The County Associations and Leagues were asked to reconvene on Friday 23 March having discussed the plan with their relevant committees regarding the ownership of the new leagues. From this meeting it is hoped to confirm the planned reorganisation at The FA’s Leagues Committee meeting when it next meets on Tuesday 10 April.