diane scott

Diane Scott of Cullompton Rangers Handed Long Service Award

During our annual AGM in the summer, a number of volunteers received a Long Service Award – this award is given out to people who have dedicated a great deal time and years to football in Devon.

One lady who has put in countless hours to football in Devon and more importantly Cullompton Rangers FC is Diane Scott.

Diane Scott has been involved with Cullompton Rangers for over 30 years, running the kitchen, Diane has been the number one tea lady at the club for years.

Alongside her husband Marcus Scott, they’ve built a formidable partnership which goes beyond simply serving tea, bringing happiness and smiles to travelling clubs to Cullompton.

Her services to football in Devon have been rewarded, hopefully receiving the Long Service Award goes some way to showing the respect and acknowledgement she deserves.

Diane said she “loves being involved with the football club” and thanks the players, club, committee and supporters for allowing her to enjoy her role.

diane scott