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Devon DIY Programme 2018

Devon County Football Association is pleased to announce we’ll again be delivering the Devon DIY Programme for 2018!

Back in 2017, Devon FA ran their first year of funding through the Devon DIY Programme, inviting clubs from all around the County to submit an application form which could give them the opportunity to apply for materials or equipment which could help improve their facilities.

Each club was able to obtain a project up to the value of £2000 per application.

Last year was a huge success for the scheme, with around £40,000 worth of equipment and support being distributed to football clubs in the County.

We can confirm this programme has re-opened with another £40,000 available to clubs in Devon, however, clubs who applied last year and were successful will not be able to apply again this year.

We believe that all clubs in the County should have a fair shot at being awarded this funding, therefore improving a vast majority of clubs in the region.

Here are a few examples of what we funded last year:

Thorverton FC - New Boilers (Paul Webb, Secretary)

"The DIY Programme award was of substantial assistance in allowing the club to meet our fundraising target to replace our old beat-up boilers that were on their last legs. Without this our amateur village club would have struggled to provide players with an opportunity to shower after a game, which ultimately could have placed our participation in our local league under jeopardy."


Holsworthy FC - Groundwork (Liam Dart, Chairman)

“As a club the DIY funding has allowed us to improve and maintain our facilities at the club for the community, supporters, volunteers and players.”


South Molton FC - Groundwork (Martyn Piper, Club Chairman)

"Following our successful application for the DIY Grant with the Devon FA we were able to put up a new barrier fence as well as laying new turf on our pitch and painting the inside of the changing rooms. This money has enabled us to carry out works that we would probably not have had the money to do ourselves. We also painted the inside of the changing rooms which has provided a fresh look. Lastly, we were able to put down nearly 150 metres of turf on the hardest worn areas and seed the rest of the pitch. We are extremely grateful to the Devon FA for this grant and very proud of the work that we as volunteers carried out to make these improvements.”

south molton

In the near future we will be sharing with you some of the work and ideas that have been delivered and completed. 

From Manstow to Ilfracombe, Twyford Spartans to Harbertonford, we’ve been able to supply equipment to clubs from every corner of the County.

Whether you’re applying for a pitch-liner, goal nets or paint to revamp your clubhouse, please apply on our D.I.Y Programme, this is your opportunity togive your club some much needed care and attention.

The DIY Programme is open from the 9th April 2018 to the 31st May 2018, all Expressions of Interest’s must be via the online link below.  

We will not be able to accept any expression of interests via email or after the 31st May 2018.

To register your interests in the scheme please click the link below

apply here

Should you have any queries about the scheme then please feel free to contact Tom Sampson on 07954193609 or email;