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Update Regarding Discipline Fines For 2017-18

This is an update for clubs regarding discipline points.

Discipline points are made up of Cautions, Red Cards & Misconduct cases. Each particular offence carries a certain amount of points that is monitored for every team each season. If a team breaches a threshold set out by the Football Association, then this team will be charged with Misconduct under FA Rule E20.

The point’s structure that can be seen below;

Points Thresholds – Per TEAM

75 Points
150 Points
225 Points

Points Values

Cautions – 1 Point each Offence except Dissent that carries 2 points

Sending Offs

S1 – Serious Foul Play – 5 Points
S2 – Violent Conduct – 6 Points
S3 – Spitting – 7 Points
S4 & S5 – Denial of Goal Scoring Opportunity – 3 Points
S6 – Language – 4 Points
S7 – Second Caution Offence – 3 Points
Misconduct – Minimum 5 Points but can be increased by Commission

Following a recent Discipline Committee meeting, it was agreed by the committee that the Sanction guidelines for breaching these thresholds for season 2017/18 will be as follows;

75 Points = £75 fine
150 points = £150 fine
225 points = £225 fine

We must stress to clubs that this will be a guideline and each case will be treated on its own merit with the commission taking into account any mitigating factors the team may wish to present in defence of breaching any of the above thresholds.

We are happy to report that in season 2016/17 no team breached the second point’s threshold. We hope to see a repeat of this next season; along with a decrease in the amount of teams we have seen reaching 75 discipline points.

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