Pitch Power

PitchPower is a free web app by the Football Foundation, used for inspecting and improving grass pitches. Using your mobile phone or tablet, you can complete a pitch inspection at the push of a button. Upon submitting your results, Grounds Management Association experts will produce an Assessment Report within 21 days, with bespoke recommendations on how to enhance or sustain the quality of your grass pitches.

The PitchPower app opens funding opportunities for your club through the Football Foundation’s Grass Pitch Maintenance Fund. You will not be able to gain any grants from that fund without completing a PitchPower assessment on your pitches first. The assessment will then generate your pitch report and point you towards the funding.

We are working with more clubs around the county to encourage them to use PitchPower to gain a deeper understanding of their pitches and unlock funding that could take your pitches to the next level.

The PitchPower process is outlined from start to finish here:

If you have any further queries, check the PitchPower FAQ’s.