3G Pitches

3G Pitch Register

The 3G Pitch Register is compiled by the Football Foundation. It is a list of all the 3G pitches in the country that have passed the FIFA 1-Star rating test. This test ensures that the facility is safe and operates like a grass surface. Once a facility has passed the FIFA 1-Star test, it can accommodate affiliated football – e.g., any league that is registered with the County FA.

Facilities not on the 3G Pitch Register are not allowed to accommodate affiliated football.

To see the 3G pitch register for Devon, please click here.

If you have any questions about the 3G pitch register, look at the FAQ’s.

3G Pitch Maintenance

It can be expensive maintaining a 3G facility, but it is even more costly if you do not maintain it correctly. Taking the correct steps to maintain your 3G facility will ensure a safe playing environment which will also improve the longevity of the carpet. Effective maintenance procedures will extend the length of the carpet’s life span, although it will inevitably need replacing at some point.

3G pitches are regularly tested to certify that the surface is accurately replicating a grass pitch and that the surface is safe to play on.

As a general reminder, every ten hours of usage will require one hour of maintenance. Routine maintenance is usually sweeping the pitch to level the surface and the infill. Once every six months, you should arrange for a specialist contractor to decompact the pitch. Without decompaction, the pitch becomes hard and consequently player injuries become more common and damage may occur quicker.

If you would like to develop your knowledge of 3G pitch maintenance, the Grounds Management Association run training courses on the topic. For more information, please visit their website.