Council Members

Our Council Members

Council Members do a great job across the length and breadth of Devon in helping clubs and leagues with their day-to-day football problems.

A lot of people do not realise these Council Members exist, and we want you to know that you can go to these people for any queries or questions you may have regarding football in Devon. They have a wealth of experience and expertise and many have been involved in the game for most of their lives.

paul kennard life member


Dave Parish - david.parish3@gmail.com
Anthony Alcock - afalcock@aol.com
Antony Cloak - tonycloak63@gmail.com

League Council Members - North

Mark Walker - m.ewalker@tiscali.co.uk
Sam Smith - sam.smith1991@googlemail.com
Dave Loder - davidloder9@gmail.com
Roger Bonaparte - rogerbonaparte@outlook.com


Chris Stephens - sestephens3@gmail.com
Nigel Pearce - footballnigel@gmail.com
Mark Buley - markbuley1@gmail.com
Sam Winstanley - sam.winstanley@hsbc.com

League Council Members - South

Simon Glanfield - coobiashy@hotmail.com
Mian Salt - miansalt@gmail.com
Keith Hawkins - hawkins100@aol.com
Annette Green - annettedgreen@btinternet.com
Keith Aplin - keith.aplin@btinternet.com
Vicki Fannon - vicki_fannon@hotmail.com


Dudley Frood - dudleyfrood@btinternet.com
Richard Tapp - chardtapp1@hotmail.co.uk
Rod Hawker - doctorrod@icloud.com
Neil Anthony - neilanthony155@gmail.com
Mark Baitup - baits10@icloud.com
Matt Hughes - hughesmatt66@gmail.com
Nick Chapman - chapman304@btinternet.com

League Council Members - East

Mike Phillips - m.j.phillips@exeter.ac.uk
Bryn Clapp - bryn1969clapp@hotmail.co.uk


Neil Jones - neilref.jones@yahoo.co.uk
Tom Sampson - tom.sampson@hotmail.com
Chris Rea - chrisrea2105@yahoo.uk
Jim Lacy - byjames@mail.com
Sean Rothwell - sean_100@hotmail.co.uk

League Council Members - West

Duncan Hedges - hedgesfc@live.com
Neil Campbell - camcan@hotmail.com
Leon Brooks - leonbrooks1983@yahoo.co.uk