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7 Day Notice of Approach Reminder

This season we have seen a number of clubs fall foul of this rule and this is sometimes due to lack of knowledge rather than malicious intent.

Breaching this rule can have a number of negative effects on both players and clubs;

A club found to have breached this rule, will be subject to a misconduct charge & the players registration to his / her new club may be cancelled until the registration has been completed correctly.

Please see the ruling below;


Regulations Concerning Approaches

Players who are not under written contract to a Club may be registered with a number
of Clubs at any time, subject to the following provisions and those of the Competitions
in which they play:

(i) Competitions sanctioned by The Football Association Limited under Regulation 3 of the
‘Regulations for the Sanction and Control of Leagues and Competitions’ may make their
own regulations for the approach of Players between Clubs of the Competition.
(ii) During the current season* any Club wishing to approach a Player known to be registered
with or having played for any other Club must give to the Secretary of each such Club
seven (7) days’ formal written notice of the intention to approach the Player.
Formal written notice of approach need be given by: (a) A Saturday Club only to all
Saturday Clubs (b) A Sunday Club only to all Sunday Clubs. (c) A midweek Club only to all
midweek Clubs.
(iii) The written notice must be sent by Special Delivery or Recorded Post, or a written
acknowledgment otherwise obtained from the Secretary or Chairman of the Club
approached. Facsimile or e-mail transmission may be used provided a receipt of
acknowledgement is also obtained.
(iv) Following the date of posting of the written notice of approach, or receipt of an
acknowledgement:(a) The Player may be registered on or after the eighth (8th) day; (b) the
Player must have been registered on or before the twenty-first (21st) day.
(v) The approaching Club; (a) may not approach the same Player a second time in the same
season; (b) may approach only one (1) Player at a Club at any time subject to (ix) below;
(c) may not approach another Player at the same time Club within twenty-eight (28) days of
an earlier notice of approach or acknowledgment.
(vi) If an approach is made by a Player to another Club during the current season, that Club
shall give the Club(s), for which the Player is known to be registered or has played, seven
(7) days’ notice of approach as set out in (i) to (v) above before registering the Player.
(vii) A Club which is subject of a complaint alleging failure to give notice in accordance with this
Rule may be subject to a charge of misconduct under FA Rule E1(b)
(viii) A Club proved to have breached the provision of this Rule may have its current registration
of the Player cancelled and be subject to such other penalty as the Football Association
Limited or Affiliated Associations deems appropriate, in accordance with relevant
regulations of the Football Association from time to time in force; and
(ix) During the current season* a maximum of two (2) Players may be approached in the
manner described above if invited to trial at a licensed academy or “Centre of Excellence”
of the Football Association, The FA Premier League or The Football League.
(i) A currently registered Player shall not be allowed to register with another Club
without first satisfying the Club Officials of the intended Club that all reasonable
financial and other liabilities have been discharged to the Club or Clubs with which
the Player is or was known to be registered in the current and previous season.
(ii) A player approached on or after the first (1st) May in the current season* may not
play in competitive football for the Club making the approach until the
commencement of the following season.

*A current season runs from 1st July to the following 31st May

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