Referee Reporting

Reporting player cautions, sending offs or misconduct could not be any easier!


The Reporting Misconduct e-book is a new online interactive reference guide to aid Match Officials with writing and submitting their misconduct reports.

Misconduct reports are the key component in maintaining an effective disciplinary process. Clear, accurate reports are required to take action against the offenders, helping to shape player behaviour throughout the game, making them an essential tool to help support referees.  Developing a consistent approach to reporting misconduct also helps to ensure fairness and uphold the integrity of the game.

This guide includes videos and resources to help you to write clear and concise reports, as well as a demonstration tutorial of how to submit your reports online through the Whole Game System. There is also best practice guidance on yellow and red card procedures, reporting extraordinary incidents, and how to report discrimination incidents. The guide also explains what to expect and how to prepare if you are required to attend a Disciplinary Commission.
Make sure your misconduct reports are the best they can be: Please click the below link to access this unique guide


When a referee issues a red or yellow card or wishes to report an individual for misconduct it needs to be reported to The Devon County FA.

With the introduction of the Whole Game System, yellows, reds and misconduct can now be reported via Whole Game.

Simply log on to and enter using your FAN number and password. If you cannot remember your FAN then please drop me an email and I will let you know what it is. If you cannot remember your password then simply click the forgotten password link.

Once in, click on your personal referee dashboard and then add the match in question by selecting 'add match' from the left hand side.

Fill in the boxes to create the fixture you have just refereed and click save.

***Please remeber that some league names ahve sponsors and so the league name may start with the sponsors name***

***If you cannot find the teams in the correct division please just select, 'all teams in the league'.***

Once completed simply select add cautions or dismissals and enter the details. if the player does no appear in the team list then you can add a player to the team by selecting the option at the bottom of the list.

 'Friendlies' can now be reported on Whole Game

Creating a Friendly Match

To create a Friendly fixture, you will need to select Other competitions when you select the match type.

To create a Friendly fixture, you will need to select when you select the match type.

To create a Friendly fixture, you will need to select when you select the match type.

You will then be asked to Select From Other Competitions. Simply beginto type the word Friendly in this field and the option for Friendly – The FA will become available for you to choose. This will be the only option in the dropdown.

Once you have chosen this, the system will highlight that there are No teams found for this competition. Therefore, you will need to type the name of the Club. The system will filter further as you continue to type.

You may then select the Club from the list and will be provided with the list of teams for that Club. 

Complete the Home Club/Team and Away Club/Team and select to Save Details.

Once saved, check that the match details on the Referee’s Report are correct (as below).

Once completed dont forget to click save and then 'submit disciplinary report' from the summary page.

It is as simple as that. Once submitted you can then click on the match box and download your very own report for your records.

Whole Game can be accessed via the internet without the need for any further software so you can do this in the changing room after the game on your smartphone or ipad!

If you need any help with your reports or need any advice please contact Matthew Ruston or Jason Haywood

Matthew Rushton - 01626 325911 or

Jason Haywood - 01626 325917 or