Referee Development

Observers play an important and integral role in developing the modern day referee. They are the guardians of standards and provide a quality service towards referee promotion, development and retention. First and foremost, the Observers role is to help referees to improve and become better referees.

Devon FA are very proud of the quality and the work carried out by the observers in the county.

All observers attend an annual CPD event to ensure that they are up to speed with the demands of the modern game and we will shortly be introducing a Quality Assurance process to further maintain the high standards of observation reports. Blank Devon FA Observer forms can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

Should you wish to join the panel of observers in Devon you should first discuss the matter with your local Area Observer Officer or Referee Development Officer, Jason Haywood.

East Area Observing Officer - Steve Banks

West Area Observing Officer - Roger Cole

North Area Observing Officer - Tony Cloak

South Area Observing Officer - Nigel Pearce

Dates Coming Up

Please contact Jason Haywood or your AAO if you wish to register your interest to become an Observer with Devon FA.