Laws Of The Game

Here you will find useful documents that highlight the Laws of the Game Changes for 2016/17 as well as the Laws of the Game for 11v11 Football and Futsal.

This season sees us start off with the Laws of the Game which have undergone a big overhaul to make them easier to read and understand for all participants of the game.

There have also been some fundamental changes to the Laws of The Game, in particular Law 12 (Fouls & Misconduct), which will have an effect on games in Devon.

Below you will find several documents which go through the changes for the upcoming season.

  • 2016 2017 Laws of the Game - the new Laws of the Game book for you to download. The further advice section at the back of the book is particularly useful and answers many questions you may have.
  • Presentation of the Law Changes - A summary document, the same one I used at the Referee IST, which highlights the changes to law. This is just a summary document so read the LOTG in conjunction with this to get the full understanding of the new laws and the thinking behind it.
  • Law 12 DOGSO - a more in depth look at the changes to law 12 with some video examples. This was the presentation I used in the second half of the Referee IST.
  • Player, Coaches & Media Summary of Law Changes - a summary of the law changes which will affect players, without the 'referee speak'.

You are free to download these documents, or if you have any questions or queries then please feel free to contact me on or 01626 325917.


Jason Hawyood

Referee Development Officer, Devon FA.