In-Service Training

We offer a comprehensive In-service training programme to all the existing referees in Devon from our Senior Referees to those at level 8 and 9. 2017/18 events will be released shortly.

The CPD calendar for 2016/17 has now finished. If you are yet to complete your CPD then please complete the online module, details of which are below. 

In recognition to those referees who cannot attend one of the CPD sessions and how have not attended one yet this season, I have created an online module that referees can complete to ensure they meet the mandatory CPD requirements prior to registration for the 2017/18 season.

Mandatory CPD requirements are not applicable to referees who have completed their FA Referee Course in the current season or those at Level 4, 3, 2b, 2a or 1.

 The module can be accessed HERE

Once you have completed the module please remember to click submit and you can then review your answers!

Anyone can complete the module so even if you have completed your CPD for this season please feel free to have a go. J