The FA Mars Just Play programme is a national programme launched by The FA with the aim of increasing adults (16+) participation by 25,000 players playing at least once a week by July 2017.

Just Play is about playing football. It's as simple as that.

Devon FA, in conjunction with Plymouth City Council and Torbay Council, has employed a Just Play Officer to work in the Plymouth and Torbay Local Authorities and he will be working with a large number of partners to encourage new and old players to 'Just Play Football'.

The programme opened countywide in Devon in July 2013 and already has seen a large impact on participation, building on the work of the Get into Football programme in Plymouth in 2010-13. The programme will introduce and deliver creative ways for local people to get and stay involved in a variety of football activities, including:

• 16+ year old ‘turn up and play’ football sessions
• Walking football
• Small sided football including Futsal
• Intramural football for Further Education (FE) and Higher Education (HE)
• Flexible football

We are currently running the following sessions across Devon:


Just Play Hubs - Open to ALL

Hub  Venue  Session  Day/Time  Price  Surface  Contact Info 

Paignton Academy
TQ3 3WA 

Over 30s Futsal Mondays
£3  Indoor Sportshall  Sports & Fitness 4U
Simon Walker
PAIGNTON Paignton Academy
Adults 16+  Wednesdays
£3  3G Astro  Sports & Fitness 4U
Simon Walker


Community - Open to ALL Aged 16+

Session Venue  Day/Time  Price  Surface  Other Info 
Mens Football 16+  Plymouth Lifecentre  Thursdays 7pm-8pm  £2  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 
Mens Football 16+  Plymouth - Brickfields  Wednesdays 8.30pm-9.30pm  £2  Astro Turf   
Mens Football 16+  Plymstock School  Mondays 7pm-8pm  £2  3G Astro   
Mens Football 16+  Churchinford FC  Mondays 7.30pm-8.30pm  £2  Tarmac Outdoors   

Colleges - Students Only

Session  Venue  Days/Time  Price  Surface  Other Info 
Futsal Ages 16-19  City College Plymouth  Mondays 12.45pm-1.30pm  FREE  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 
Futsal Ages 16-19  South Devon College  Mondays 12.30pm-1.30pm  FREE  Indoor Sportshall Futsal 
Futsal Ages 16-19  Exeter College  Thursdays 4.30pm-5.30pm  FREE  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 
Futsal Ages 16-19  Petroc College  Tuesdays 12.30pm-1.30pm  FREE  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 
Football Ages 16-19  Bicton College  Wednesdays 2pm-3pm  FREE  3G Astro   

Universities - Students Only

Session  Venue  Days/Time  Price  Surface  Other Info 
Futsal Ages 18+  Plymouth University  Fridays 2pm-3pm  £3  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 
Football Ages 18+  University of Marjons  Fridays 4pm-6pm  £2  3G Astro   
Futsal Ages 18+  University of Exeter  Tuesdays 9pm-10pm  £1  3G Astro   
Football Ages 18+  Univesirty of Exeter  Tuesdays 8pm-9pm  £1  Indoor Sportshall  Futsal 

If you are a local club or facility and are keen on developing your own FA Just Play Centre or Hub, then please contact Howard Shaddick, Football Development Officer at Devon County FA:

Howard will be able to talk you through the process of becoming a centre and support you in the application. There is also a link for the application form below which outlines the criteria and application process in more detail.

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