TrainFit - Player ID Partnership

Devon FA welcomes TrainFit to our Player ID Scheme. Helping you stay stronger and fitter for longer!

We’ve all been there, achy legs after a tough 90 minutes on the football pitch. So here’s the perfect solution for you to recover those muscles at Exeter’s brand new Functional Training Gym, TrainFit!

Located at Marsh Barton in Exeter, James Sleeman-Keen (Operations Manager) at TrainFit is the man to see, as he is giving you exclusive discount on memberships to one of the top gyms in the South-West.

Not just about recovery, TrainFit can be your No.1 venue to stay active, fit and continue to stay healthy during the week. Their excellent gym equipment and stylish venue will help you become a fitter and stronger player.

From this day forward all Player ID Card holders who show their Player ID Card at TrainFit will receive £10 discount off all these membership prices;

£10 OFF Unlimited Classes (£65) = NOW £55
£10 OFF 3 Classes per week (£55) = NOW £45
£10 OFF Early Unlimited (£55) = NOW £45
£10 OFF Early 3 Classes per week (£45) = NOW £35
£10 OFF Just Gym (£35) = NOW £25

One thing TrainFit / RecoverFit are famous for are their ‘NormaTec’ recovery boots, they are the most high-tech piece of equipment in the country and the No. 1 UK supplier for leg recovery. Even the best athletes in the world use RecoverFit to enhance their recovery, such as World Heavyweight Boxing Champion, Anthony Joshua, England and Spurs star Deli Ali are among many who use NormaTec.

What is NormaTec?

‘NormaTec is the leader in rapid recovery—the systems give a competitive edge to the world’s elite athletes, coaches, and trainers. Our goal is to establish recovery as an integral part of every athlete’s training, and we feel NormaTec systems are the best way to accomplish that. The NormaTec PULSE Recovery Systems are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab. All of our systems use NormaTec's patented PULSE technology to help athletes recover faster between trainings and after performance. Our systems include a control unit and attachments which go on the legs, arms, or hips. They use compressed air to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery with our patented NormaTec Pulse Massage Pattern.’

Now, on your doorstep, you can receive a FREE session with the NormaTec recovery boots at TrainFit by showing your Player ID Card. The perfect way to recuperate your muscles after your match at the weekend!

Whether you’re a keen gym-goer or not, take a look around TrainFit and you’ll be won over by its professionalism, style and personality.

Here are all the contact details for you to get started at TrainFit or if you simply want to try out the NormaTec recovery boots to get those aching legs prepared for your next game:

TrainFit | A2 Hennock Trade Park | Hennock Road North | Marsh Barton | Exeter | EX2 8NJ
08002 343007


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