Discipline Portal

The Discipline portal via the Whole Game System is now open to all clubs, allowing for a completely paper free discipline administration system!

REMINDER TO ALL CLUBS: Unless you have notified the County otherwise, all club discipline will now be administered via the Whole Game Portal. We advise clubs to check the Portal regularly for any new notifications regarding club discipline (Cautions, Red cards, Misconduct, NDO's).

The Whole Game System is set to completely revolutionise the way clubs administer disciplinary paperwork. Clubs will be notified about any disciplinary actions immediately via the online system.

Previously we permitted access to the portal to a select number of clubs to ensure the system is working efficiently before releasing to all other clubs within Devon. In these early stages the portal is looking promising and working well, allowing clubs to acknowledge and pay for fines without having to wait for post to arrive and relieving them of the postage cost to return any paperwork to the county.

The discipline portal will allow clubs to access current and past discipline records for their teams and will provide clubs with a greater level of control over their discipline records and will help to save them time and money!

We are advising clubs to use this time to prepare for the new system by watching the videos below provided by the FA. These videos should help familiarise clubs with the system and how it will work and the benefits it will provide.

If you require any additional information or assistance regarding the Whole Game system and the discipline portal, please do not hesitate to contact us;

Carlton Parker - carlton.parker@devonfa.com - 01626 325916

Matthew Rushton - matthew.rushton@devonfa.com - 01626 325911


Whole Game System Login; https://wholegame.thefa.com/Account/Login

YouTube Link for all videos; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0lT0HJ3c0Q

Videos: Introduction, Cautions, Dismissals & Misconduct, Finance

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