Affiliating Your Small Sided League

This page will guide you through how to affiliate your Small Sided Leauge, whether you are setting up a new league or want to affiliate an existing one.

Complete the League Application Form

League Application Form


Small Sided Football Affiliation

League Affiliation

League Affiliation is £10 (+VAT) these can be broken down in to mini league throughout a July to June period. For each new mini league a form (see Download 1) will be required along with a list of entered teams supplied to the Devon County FA. Each mini league will be charged £10 (+VAT).

For example - if you run 5 mini leagues during July to June time you will be charged 5 lots of £10 (+VAT) = £50 (+VAT).

Team Affiliation

Team affiliation lasts for twelve months. If a team affiliates in July for example, once a league is affiliated and a team affiliates in July, the affiliation will last for 12 months, no matter how many shorter mini leagues are entered under the initial league name. Only new teams will be charged an affiliation fee once joining a league, all team affiliations are due from July of any year, for example if you affiliate in December your affiliation will last 6 months. If a team joins a league, say League A then joins a different league, say League B, you will be charged two separate affiliation fees, separate Public Liability Insurance will also need to be demonstrated.

Another example - if your leagues start with ten teams and after your first mini season and you then lose two teams but gain 4 new teams, the 4 new teams will be charged £5 (+VAT).

For the team affiliation to continue, the team must retain the same team name - if the team name changes then it will be classed as a new team and will be charged accordingly.

Please see the diagram below:

SSF Affiliation

One Day Competitions

To affiliate a one day competition it will cost £10 (+VAT), you will need a 'one day competition' form (see download 2) to register the competition, submit two copies of your administration and playing rules and provide evidence of your Public Liability Insurance certificate in to us at the County Office. Your facility provider may provide this cover as part of your booking so please check with them.

If you do not have Public Liability Insurance in place for your league, league officials, teams and referees then you may wish to take advantage of the County Scheme we offer. We have explored the insurance market and are delighted to announce a Devon FA Public Liability Insurance scheme that is great value for money for you the provider, your referees and competing teams.

The scheme is as follows:

For affiliated competitions and teams (please see Affiliation process section below for information on this - the cost for this is noted on page 2) you have the option to buy into the County Small Sided Public Liability Insurance scheme. The cost per team is £8.50, and this fee covers a team competing in the same competition in any July to June period - The League may run a number of mini leagues during the July to June period, but as long as the team name stays the same and it is the same organising league there will be no extra charge. Please note - all affiliation and insurance needs to be renewed every 1st July.

There is a fee of £10 for each league you run - as long as the league name stays the same the fee of £10 will cover all of the mini leagues you run in any July to June period. For each new team that joins the league in the July to June period the fee of £8.50 along with the affiliation fee will be charged.

One Day Competitions

There are a number of ways to ensure that you have Public Liability Insurance for one day events:

  1. Take out your Public Liability Insurance cover independantly and provide the Devon County FA with a copy of this certificate highlighting what is covered.
  2. If you are a club and have taken out the County Public Liability Insurance cover and you are running an affiliated festival/tournament and invite only Devon FA affiliated teams to enter then you would be affiliated under this existing cover. All players for that day would become affiliated under your club policy for that event. You need to keep a record of the teams that take part in the event.
  3. If you are running an affiliated festival/tournament that involves teams from outside of the county and you are using the county cover then you will have to purchase an additional level of event Public Liability Insurance. The cost of this additional cover starts from £56 and is dependant on the level of indemnity and number of participants.

Additional competitions:

If you are running a cup competition and this takes place over a number of weeks and involves 11v11 teams (small sided competitions would come under the small sided league cover) then you will have to ensure that all the 11v11 teams have their own Public Liability Insurance or have taken out the county cover. Teams that are not affiliated can affiliate as an associate member club. The competition would need to pay £22 to ensure that the competition organisers and referees are covered.

Personal Accident Insurance

All of the Public Liability Insurance schemes listed above DO NOT include personal accident insurance, we can offer personal accident insurance for your small sided team at a discounted rate of 30% from the scheme offered to our 11v11 teams, please let us know if you want details on this and we can send them to you.


Small Sided Football Affiliation Process

A completed Affiliation Form relevant to the competition. This form requires basic details on the participating teams and needs to be submitted prior to the start of the each new competition or league programme. Affiliation should be sought from the County FA in which the League or competition stages the majority of its games. For some stand-alone Regional or National Cup competitions or festivals at which teams will be drawn from three or more County FA's or International Federations, affiliations should  be sought directly from The FA.

The County FA also requires a set of administration rules. These cover the organisational arrangements for each competition and identify how conflicts involving the rules are to be resolved. A sample set of suitable FA competition rules can be adapted for your purposes.

Duplicate copies of the competition Laws under which the competition will be played. These should be based upon The FA Laws of Small Sided Football (Revised 2007). These laws also allow for a series of amendments and expectations to be inserted that provide for differing facilities and local traditions of play.

Organisers also need to supply a copy of the public liability insurance certificate that will cover the competition. Public Liability Insurance needs to be in place to cover claims for bodily injury or property damage for which you may be legally liable. This is a policy that you may have purchased yourself or one that may already be in place if you are hiring a facility from a club, local authority or school. Public Liability Insurance does not cover injury arising from personal accident or person to person incidents. All participants should be encouraged to take out their own insurance to cover such eventualities and this should be specified in the competition literature. County FA's have organised insurance cover for many years for their own competitions and may be able to offer advice on suitable policies and Insurance Brokers.

Organisers also need to provide evidence that all participants are made aware in the competition paperwork that they are subject to the disciplinary process of the County FA and FA and that serious offences in Small Sided Football will be dealt with the County FA.

For information on setting up a small sided league, please contact Chris French, Small Sided Lead Officer, or 07816 787194